Volunteer & Staff Logistics

Security Solutions to safeguard your campus


Solutions for tracking school volunteers and staff

Utilize Hall Pass to track volunteer and staff check-in/out, track volunteer destinations, produce detailed reports, and stay up to date with Student Information Systems via SFTP uploads.


Allows schools to generate reports featuring volunteer counts with time and destination information, and produce time sheets for faculty reports.


Upload to Hall Pass

Manually upload volunteer and staff to the Hall Pass application utilizing pre-built templates.

SFTP Uploads

Allows schools to export data from SIS and upload to Hall Pass secure servers via SFTP, upload annual photos of students and faculty, and upload RFID information.

Time Sheets

Using RFID technology, the Hall Pass system can track in/out times for faculty and staff and create time sheet reports. 

Quick Absentee Report

Generate reports through Hall Pass to track student, faculty, and volunteer absenteeism. 

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