Student Management

Security Solutions to safeguard your campus


Assure the correct person is checking out approved students.

Student Check-In/Out & Tardy

Easily manage student check-in, check-out, and tardy arrivals with easy to use one button processing or students can use the self-service Kiosk mode. Hall Pass offers the option of expedited processing with our RFID Key Fobs assigned to each student. Hall Pass can also use existing school student ID bar codes to make logging events quick and secure.

Student/Parent Matching

Easily link Parents/Guardians to their students across the district. This will allow staff and guardians to know exactly who is checking in or out students.

Custody Orders and Notifications

Custody or Legal documents can be assigned to students along with clickable links to allow review of any custody or divorce decree orders. Quickly receive notifications if a pickup, visit, or volunteer attempt violates a custody order.

Student Hall Pass


Allows teachers to issue and log student Hall Passes for any out of classroom activity like restroom breaks, library visits, and other out of the classroom events.

Alerts and Guardianship Reporting

Keeps a log of each person(s) who checks in or out a student and can be setup to send Text and Email alerts when unauthorized people attempt to check out a student in violation of any order or school policy.

Interface with Student Information System

Save time on data entry by interfacing Hall Pass with your SIS to keep all information in one place. Hall Pass has the ability to push and pull data and update SIS system through the Hall Pass API. These can be setup to run automatically and without IT monitoring or manual processing.

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