Keeping Schools Safe


Visitor Management

Hall Pass Visitor Management protects students and school staff members from the risks of unwanted visitors or child predators gaining access to campus and other school events.

Custody Care

Automated access to all custody care, court order and parental request information can be easily managed for all visitors keeping the office staff up to date of any special need situations.


With active RFID key fobs and Faculty ID Badges, Hall Pass automates entry and exit time for faculty and school volunteers and creates real time reports for keeping track of hours worked even at other schools in a district.

Student Management

Real time student information allows school staff to issue, log and create reports. Hall Pass allows school staff to issue, log and create reports related to student tardy information and early dismissals.


All visitor, volunteer, and faculty information is accessible for daily, weekly, or annual reports and can be exported to PDF or Excel formats.


Email and text alerts instantly notify administrators of unwanted visitors. In case of an imminent threat, the “Instant Alarm” will notify school officials or law enforcement of any incident.

HALL PASS has the ability to create Kiosk users.

The Hall Pass Kiosk user’s interaction completely differs from our standard user. The Kiosk user is as fast and reliable as the standard user but the Kiosk user’s interface is simplistic to achieve the best patron experience.

The simplicity of Kiosk creates an experience with less confusion, wasted time, and error.

In addition to Kiosk for visitors, Kiosk can process Students, Faculty and Volunteers.

Configuration of Kiosk users can guide patrons to perform specific tasks, or Configuration can be setup to perform a wide assortment of tasks.

The Hall Pass Kiosk solution gives each campus the option for kiosk interaction.

Visitor Management

When entering a facility, each visitor must present a government issued ID to the front office. The ID is scanned using the HALL PASS optical scanner and the information is checked against the National Sex Offender Registry and the District’s Visitor Restricted list. If the visitor is found on either list, the system will display all detailed information related to the offender including photo and will instantly send out alerts via text message and email to appropriate staff and District Police Officers. If the visitor is cleared, HALL PASS will print a time/date badge with photo and custom school logo for the visitor to wear while on school grounds.

Each visitor can be labeled for the reason of the visit. These include but are not limited to:visitor, volunteer, visiting faculty, substitute, temporary student and detention. The visitor’s destination can be added as well.

HALL PASS Check-in Process:
1. The ID is validated as an official government issued ID.
2. The information is checked against the National Sex Offender database and the School Visitor Restricted list.
3. The Hall Pass visitor is updated with results from the visitor check-in.
4. If “Passed,” a badge is printed with time, date, reason, destination and photo.
5. If found on the National Sex Offender Registry or School Restricted list, a visual notice is displayed and alerts are sent out.

Custody Care

The HALL PASS Custody Care application allows the automation of custody care, parental requests, court orders and parental contact requests without having to search through folders or sticky notes when a visitor enters the campus. School administrators need only to add the visitor name to the school list. When a flagged visitor enters the campus, HALL PASS will display a pop-up message with all the information regarding any special need situation or to inform staff of any court order details or contact rules in effect. Flagged visitor can be restricted district wide or from one specific campus.

If the need for immediate attention is required, HALL PASS will text message or email the appropriate school officials or District Police Officers to inform them of restricted visitor on campus.

Visitor Restriction Uses:

Court Order NotificationStudent Immunization Notices
Custody OrdersRequest for Parental Meeting
Parental RequestsCounselor Requests
Library FinesCafeteria Bill Notification


HALL PASS Faculty & Volunteer Management allows administrators to automate and track the check-in and check-out activity of faculty members, volunteers, district employees, and contractors within the school district. HALL PASS creates a faculty record and issues a RFID (Radio Frequency ID) Key Fob to that record. The faculty members need only to wave the key fob over the HALL PASS RFID Reader to check-in and check-out. At any time administrators can query Hall Pass to automatically calculate hours worked and create time sheet reports.

If a faculty member fails to check-out for the day, HALL PASS will check them out at midnight and flag the record as “Failed to Check-Out”.School administrators have the ability to edit hours with the appropriate credentials.


Absentee ReportsHuman Resources
Late RecordsMaintenance Check-in/Out
Early Exit RecordsContractor Check-in/Out
Multiple School Entry/ExitDelivery Personnel
Single Faculty ReportSubstitute Check-in/Out
Salary vs. HourlyCounselor Check-in/Out

Student Management

HALL PASS tracks students as well as visitors. Each school can upload their list of students into the HALL PASS student management system or add one student at a time.When a tardy student arrives, a tardy badge is issued with the student’s name, time/date. Hall Pass also logs early dismissal of students. In addition to tardy passes, HALL PASS logs early dismissal of students.Both Tardy and Early Dismissal have notations for “Excused” and Not Excused” flags along with a notes field to document reasons for the log.

All student records can be accessed to view the total number of tardies and early dismissals. With proper credentials, these records are available for administrators to monitor student activity for all schools in the district.


  • Track Tardy Students
  • District Wide Reporting
  • Real-Time Access
  • Automatic Tardy Slips
  • School Specific Reports
  • Track Early Dismissals
  • Note Excused & Not Excused
  • Indentify Recurring Tardy Students
  • Custom Notes per occurrence
  • District Wide Reporting


HALL PASS has the ability to export reports to PDF or Excel formats. In addition to having visitor reports, HALL PASS searches can be filtered by visitor, volunteer, visiting faculty, visiting student and detentions. Each report can be saved to the host machine, exported to another application in the network or printed from the local machine. All HALL PASS reports can be accessed from remote locations via the internet. In addition to specific school reports, HALL PASS can run district wide reports or a highlighted list of schools giving administrators the flexibility to know who was on campus or a list of campuses in the district.

HALL PASS can search records for a specific individual or list all visitors for a given date range. This function will give administrators or District Police Officers the ability to print and view with photo all visitors from a specific school in the event of an incident.

HALL PASS can also filter reports by:

Sex Offenders OnlyAll Visitors
School Restricted VisitorsAll Schools
Custody CareDaily, Monthly, Annually
Named VisitorMulti-School by name


HALL PASS allows schools to designate how to notify specific individuals based on rules set by the administration and the District Police Department. In the event of a Sex Offender “hit”, the HALL PASS monitoring center will contact the location to help verify the visitor and note any false positive hit related to the scan. Simultaneously, HALL PASS will notify the District Police via instant text message with the alerted visitors’ information. The information contained in the alert will include the school location with call back number.

Each school will have the option to load specific visitor restriction lists of unwanted visitors and specify which staff member should receive the alert. This alert can help notify school office staff of custody care, court orders, parental requests, library and cafeteria fines.

In addition to the Sex offender/Unwanted Visitor alerts, HALL PASS keeps an “Instant Alarm” button at the top of each page of the application. This serves as an imminent threat notification and will page every individual in the instant alert system. In most schools that is the District Police Officer, 911 Dispatcher, Principal, and Superintendant.

HALL PASS Alert Types:

Sex OffenderRestricted Visitor
EmailInstant Alarm
TextCustody Care Alert

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