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Hall Pass provides options to optimize visitor check in by saving time without sacrificing security. 

Regulate and plan for visitors with a reservation system. Visitors can pre-register for their visits and expedite the check-in process. 

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Hall Pass Express is an add on feature which allows visitors to do a pre-check before arriving at campus. A barcode is created which visitors easily scan upon arrival and will prompt a badge to print out for them. 

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Kiosk mode allows campuses to set up designated stations for visitors to self-check-in without sacrificing security.

Question and Answer prompts are compatible with Kiosk mode and require visitors to answer specific questions in order to receive a visitor badge. The Q&A feature is also available for web check-in and manual check-ins.

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Allows visitors to complete check-in steps through Hall Pass Express to expedite their visits.

Allows the school to set up question prompts for each visitor to answer. Available for Kiosk, Web Check-In, and manual check-ins. 

Assign RFID key fobs to students, staff, volunteers, and frequent visitors to allow for quick and secure check-ins.

Fobs can be customized with district name, logos, & more! 

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Compatible with Hall Pass Express QR Codes and state issued ID’s 

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Reservations (NEW for 2021)

Allows visitors to reserve a time slot for their visits. This helps campuses regulate how many visitors they will have during any give time period. Visitors can request time slots via computer or mobile device.

*Contactless Entry Solution

Hall Pass Express (NEW for 2021)

Allows previously scanned visitors the option to begin their check in online before they arrive at campus. A QR code is generated for the visitors to scan when they arrive on campus to complete their check-in process. After the bar code is scanned a badge will be printed with their information.

*Only compatible with campuses that have opted in for this service and have a CipherLab 2200 Barcode Reader

*Contactless Entry Solution

Self-Service Kiosk

Completely customize-able kiosk mode which allows campuses to designate a self-service station for visitors, volunteers, students, and faculty. All Hall Pass features are compatible with kiosk mode including the option to auto-print badges at check-in.
Examples of Previously Configured Kiosk Modes:
  • Setup for tardy student check-in and auto-prints a tardy slip
  • Configure for all student check-in/out
  • Faculty Check-in/out (compatible with RFID, or searchable database)
  • Quick check-in for frequent visitors

Barcode Readers

Allows schools to scan the back of government issued ID to pull up previously scanned visitors or scan QR codes.
*Contactless Entry Solution

RFID/Key Fobs

Allows campuses to assign RFID to faculty, students, volunteers, and visitors for expedited check-in/out. Can be customized with a school or district artwork.
*Contactless Entry Solution

Mobile Hall Pass

Allows school staff to utilize mobile devices for check-ins using web-based Hall Pass access. Can be used with any mobile device with a web browser. Allows staff to utilize Hall Pass during emergency situations when they are away from their desk or can’t access a computer. 

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