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Hall Pass Visitor Security to be installed throughout Arkansas Diocese Schools

All Arkansas Catholic schools introduce new safety feature called Hall Pass….continue reading

Wichita school officials demonstrate new Hall Pass visitor security system

Christa McAuliffe Academy Principal Shawn Springer demonstrates the new Hall Pass system that checks the identification of every visiting adult who goes into the school….continue reading

Schools add background checks for visitors – Chicago Tribune

Visitors at any school in District 122 must produce a driver’s license or state identification to an employee at the front desk. It is scanned and a computer uses the information on the card to conduct a 30-second background check on the National…continue reading

ECISD Sex Offender Screening Successful

ECISD is seeing a lot of success in keeping sex offenders away from district schools.ECISD installed the Hall Pass Visitor Management System at all their campuses two months ago. Now, visitors have to swipe a drivers license when they show up on camp…continue reading

Unique Advantages

Hall Pass proven solutions:

  • Visitor Registration
  • Automated Custody Care
  • Photo Visitor Badges
  • Faculty Time In & Out
  • Volunteer Tracking
  • Student Tardy Passes
  • Reports Generator

Hall Pass is backed by industry professionals who bring a unique combination of expertise in security and the proven resources of CompuData Solutions.

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