Frequently Asked Questions


1What equipment do we need to use Hall Pass?
All you need to operate Hall Pass is a computer with an Internet connection, a scanner, and a badge printer.
2What does implementation involve?
Implementation is quick and easy. All you have to do is plug in the Hall Pass equipment and log into the Hall Pass Web site using an assigned user name and password. It only takes a few minutes for the system to load the software, after which Hall Pass is ready to go.
3How do we pay for Hall Pass?
Following installation of the system, Hall Pass is billed as a subscription service at an affordable, predictable monthly cost.
4What happens if there's a match - if Hall Pass screening determines that a visitor is in the sex offender registry?
The person doing the screening will see a red "Fail" light on the computer screen, plus the offense record and photograph associated with the match to verify that it is the same person as the visitor. The system will generate alerts to designated school officials and law enforcement agencies via cell phone, email and/or text messaging based on the procedures your school or district establishes.
5Is there a way to prevent other visitors who may pose a danger from gaining access to campus? For example, noncustodial parents with restraining orders, students who have been expelled or suspended, or other troublemakers?
Yes. At no added cost, the Hall Pass system lets you create and update an exclusion list of individuals that you wish to bar from campus or school events.
6What if there's a match with an individual barred from campus and on the visitor exclusion list?
A badge would not be issued, and the system would alert predetermined school administration, security officials, and/or law enforcement officers via cell phone, email and/or text message, according to school policy and procedures.
7Could a visitor simply reuse a badge from a previous visit?
Hall Pass time-limited badges visibly expire after 12 hours - a large red stop sign appears. This makes it very easy to see that the badge is old, prompting intervention. Standard badges printed after screening also include a date and time stamp, so if someone is wearing a badge with a different date, they should be questioned.
8Does Hall Pass only screen visitors against sex offender registries? What about criminal history?
The basic system screens only for sex offenders, but we can also provide instant criminal background checks. This is an optional service for an additional low monthly charge.
9We have parents who come regularly to have lunch with their kids. Do they have to go through the screening each time?
If your school has individuals who visit frequently, we suggest adding the QuickPass option. Information on predetermined frequent visitors is entered into the system, and they are issued an RFID-based key fob that they place against the QuickPass reader. QuickPass visitors still get screened every time, but instead of having to dig a driver's license out of a handbag or wallet, they will already have their QuickPass key fob in hand.
10Could a visitor use someone else's badge?
The badge issued after screening shows the visitor's name and photograph, so if the individual's badge and likeness don't match up, the visitor should be stopped.
11How do I know that our school visitor data is secure?
The Hall Pass system and data are housed off-campus at CompuData's Tier-One data center, which offers an extremely secure environment. The data center is HIPAA, FISMA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, and SAS 70 Type I & II certifications.

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