Hall Pass EMS imports staff, student, and guardian information directly from Hall Pass Visitor Management for seamless integration ensuring complete school security. EMS allows districts and schools to run drills, send notifications, upload emergency documents, and perform student reunification directly from a mobile device.

Send notifications for hold and shelter, evacuate and transport, and school lockdown. Designated school and district security personnel can quickly classify and activate emergency communications to local law enforcement, teachers, staff, and parents/guardians.


Remote guardian reunification capabilities complete with staging and verification of authorized guardian(s). Reunification resources include classifying students, staff, and visitors as missing, located, assembled, or released. Student and staff records include photo, guardian photo, guardian contact information and/or emergency contact information.



Practice identifying emergencies and response procedures by running emergency drills for staff and students.

Staff can access all emergency documents, alerts, and reunification information directly from their mobile devices. Complete EMS access is available via mobile for admin level users.


Security personnel can access all schools within the district through the EMS app with one login.

Upload emergency procedures, emergency exit maps, and other documents unique to each campus and district. Teachers and staff can access these documents easily through the Hall Pass EMS app along with instructions for the reunification process.

Detailed reports and logs for drills, incidents, and reunifications.

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