Hall Pass Website Update

Hall Pass Website Update

To complement the new look and feel of the Hall Pass application we have given our website a little facelift. We have updated the look and feel of the system with new styles and streamlined design featuring our trademark brand colors along with splashes of a new color scheme. These new styles are not only pleasing to the eye but are designed to make it easier and more efficient to navigate the entire Hall Pass system.

First, we’ve made it easier to navigate throughout the site and find quick facts about our top security features. A floating header and stationary ‘contact us’ footer will help users navigate easily through each page of the site. We have incorporated an overview of our pricing structure, along with add-on features and a PDF printable infographic, to help share the nuts and bolts information with prospective clients. The new color scheme highlights the services that matter most, and new button styles and colors highlight the next step a user should take to get a quote, customer support, or ask an expert for help.

Upgrading Our Quote and Order System

Our order page and quote system will be part of the phase two launch during late Summer 2021 and will allow clients to log in to the ordering site using their Hall Pass login credentials. Once logged in clients can order supplies and equipment for payment via credit card, invoice/PO, or ACH transfer. Clients can also build a quote that will be emailed directly to them. As always, clients can contact Hall Pass at orders@hallpassid.com for questions and ordering assistance.

Thank you for contacting us!

One of our Hall Pass staff members will be in contact soon.