Keeping Schools Safe


Secure your campus with advanced technologies from Hall Pass. Our integrated visitor and student management software allows you to have control over who has access to your campus and enables schools to respond to any emergency while prioritizing student and guardian reunification.


What Is Hall Pass

Visitor Management

Hall Pass Visitor Management protects students and school staff members from the risks of unwanted visitors or child predators gaining access to campus and other school events.

Student Management

Real-time student information allows school staff to issue, log, and create reports related to student tardy and early dismissals


With active RFID key fobs and Faculty ID Badges, Hall Pass automates entry and exit time for faculty and school volunteers and creates real time reports for keeping track of hours worked even at other schools in a district.

Custody Care

Automated access to all custody care, court order and parental request information can be easily managed for all visitors keeping the office staff up to date of any special need situations.


All visitor, volunteer, and faculty information is accessible for daily, weekly, or annual reports and can be exported to PDF or Excel formats


Email and text alerts instantly notify administrators of unwanted visitors. In case of an imminent threat, the “Instant Alarm” will notify school officials or law enforcement of any incident

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Hall Pass Makes
Visitor Check-in fast, secure and efficient

Secure Fast Pass features are quick and reliable to help manage visitors through self-service kiosks, express and web check-in, personalized key-fobs, bar code scanners, and our new reservation system.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Students

The Hall Pass team, veterans of law enforcement, provide an effective solution in the hopes of decreasing sexual crimes against children and increasing security in schools.


Protect Your School with Hall Pass

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