HALL PASS tracks students as well as visitors. Each school can upload their list of students into the HALL PASS student management system or add one student at a time.When a tardy student arrives, a tardy badge is issued with the student’s name, time/date. Hall Pass also logs early dismissal of students. In addition to tardy passes, HALL PASS logs early dismissal of students.Both Tardy and Early Dismissal have notations for “Excused” and Not Excused” flags along with a notes field to document reasons for the log.

All student records can be accessed to view the total number of tardies and early dismissals. With proper credentials, these records are available for administrators to monitor student activity for all schools in the district.


Track Tardy Students
District Wide Reporting
Real-Time Access
Automatic Tardy Slips
School Specific Reports
Track Early Dismissals
Note Excused & Not Excused
Indentify Recurring Tardy Students
Custom Notes per occurrence
District Wide Reporting