HALL PASS has the ability to export reports to PDF or Excel formats. In addition to having visitor reports, HALL PASS searches can be filtered by visitor, volunteer, visiting faculty, visiting student and detentions. Each report can be saved to the host machine, exported to another application in the network or printed from the local machine. All HALL PASS reports can be accessed from remote locations via the internet. In addition to specific school reports, HALL PASS can run district wide reports or a highlighted list of schools giving administrators the flexibility to know who was on campus or a list of campuses in the district.

HALL PASS can search records for a specific individual or list all visitors for a given date range. This function will give administrators or District Police Officers the ability to print and view with photo all visitors from a specific school in the event of an incident.

HALL PASS can also filter reports by:

Sex Offenders Only     All Visitors
School Restricted Visitors     All Schools
Custody Care     Daily, Monthly, Annually
Named Visitor     Multi-School by name