HALL PASS Faculty & Volunteer Management allows administrators to automate and track the check-in and check-out activity of faculty members, volunteers, district employees, and contractors within the school district. HALL PASS creates a faculty record and issues a RFID (Radio Frequency ID) Key Fob to that record. The faculty members need only to wave the key fob over the HALL PASS RFID Reader to check-in and check-out. At any time administrators can query Hall Pass to automatically calculate hours worked and create time sheet reports.

If a faculty member fails to check-out for the day, HALL PASS will check them out at midnight and flag the record as “Failed to Check-Out".School administrators have the ability to edit hours with the appropriate credentials.


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Late Records     Maintenance Check-in/Out
Early Exit Records     Contractor Check-in/Out
Multiple School Entry/Exit     Delivery Personnel
Single Faculty Report     Substitute Check-in/Out
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