HALL PASS allows schools to designate how to notify specific individuals based on rules set by the administration and the District Police Department. In the event of a Sex Offender “hit”, the HALL PASS monitoring center will contact the location to help verify the visitor and note any false positive hit related to the scan. Simultaneously, HALL PASS will notify the District Police via instant text message with the alerted visitors’ information. The information contained in the alert will include the school location with call back number.

Each school will have the option to load specific visitor restriction lists of unwanted visitors and specify which staff member should receive the alert. This alert can help notify school office staff of custody care, court orders, parental requests, library and cafeteria fines.

In addition to the Sex offender/Unwanted Visitor alerts, HALL PASS keeps an “Instant Alarm” button at the top of each page of the application. This serves as an imminent threat notification and will page every individual in the instant alert system. In most schools that is the District Police Officer, 911 Dispatcher, Principal, and Superintendant.

HALL PASS Alert Types:

Sex Offender     Restricted Visitor
Email     Instant Alarm
Text     Custody Care Alert