When entering a facility, each visitor must present a government issued ID to the front office. The ID is scanned using the HALL PASS optical scanner and the information is checked against the National Sex Offender Registry and the District’s Visitor Restricted list. If the visitor is found on either list, the system will display all detailed information related to the offender including photo and will instantly send out alerts via text message and email to appropriate staff and District Police Officers. If the visitor is cleared, HALL PASS will print a time/date badge with photo and custom school logo for the visitor to wear while on school grounds.

Each visitor can be labeled for the reason of the visit. These include but are not limited to:visitor, volunteer, visiting faculty, substitute, temporary student and detention. The visitor’s destination can be added as well.

HALL PASS Check-in Process:
1. The ID is validated as an official government issued ID.
2. The information is checked against the National Sex Offender database and the School Visitor Restricted list.
3. The Hall Pass visitor is updated with results from the visitor check-in.
4. If “Passed,” a badge is printed with time, date, reason, destination and photo.
5. If found on the National Sex Offender Registry or School Restricted list, a visual notice is displayed and alerts are sent out.