The HALL PASS Custody Care application allows the automation of custody care, parental requests, court orders and parental contact requests without having to search through folders or sticky notes when a visitor enters the campus. School administrators need only to add the visitor name to the school list. When a flagged visitor enters the campus, HALL PASS will display a pop-up message with all the information regarding any special need situation or to inform staff of any court order details or contact rules in effect. Flagged visitor can be restricted district wide or from one specific campus.

If the need for immediate attention is required, HALL PASS will text message or email the appropriate school officials or District Police Officers to inform them of restricted visitor on campus.

Visitor Restriction Uses:

Court Order Notification     Student Immunization Notices
Custody Orders     Request for Parental Meeting
Parental Requests     Counselor Requests
Library Fines     Cafeteria Bill Notification